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Plant Based & Allergy Free

BEYOND3 is perfect for those who prefer plant-based or vegan foods that do not use animal-derived ingredients, or those who cannot avoid the eight major allergens. We use only plant-derived ingredients without animal-derived ingredients, so it can be consumed by people with egg and dairy allergies.
*Refers to the 8 major allergies in Japan (wheat, eggs, milk ingredients, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, crab, and walnuts)

No animal products

Free from 8 allergens

Wheat free

No refined sugar

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Free options to suit your preferences

BEYOND SWEETS offers three lineups with careful attention to raw materials and ingredients so that you can freely choose and enjoy sweets that suit your tastes.
All products are made with carefully selected ingredients that are gentle on the body and do not contain wheat or refined sugar, making them sweets that are gentle for both health-conscious people and children.

{Beyond3's commitment}

Plant-based, not only healthy but also environmentally friendly

Plant-based food refers to foods made from plant-derived ingredients without using animal-based ingredients, and has been attracting attention around the world in recent years. Compared to animal foods, it contains fewer calories and fat, and is less of a burden on the digestive system, so it supports daily dietary management. In addition, plant-based foods are expected to be a sustainable diet that not only improves health, but also helps protect the global environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock and conserving water resources.

For those who are concerned about allergies

BEYOND3's sweets not only use plant-based ingredients, but also do not contain wheat, eggs, dairy ingredients, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, crab, or walnuts, which fall under the eight allergens. This product is aimed at people who pay attention to ingredients in their daily lives, as well as parents who are concerned about the safety of the food their children eat.